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    Cross Faction Play Now Live In Shadowlands 9.2.5!

    Content update 9.2.5 introduces limited cross-faction gameplay where players are now able to directly invite members of the opposite faction to a party if they are or Real ID friends, or if they are members of a cross-faction WoW Community. This is also open to pre-made groups using the Group Finder tool.

    Additionally, 9.2.5 also brings with it some additional content and quality of life updates, including:

    • New Customization Quests – Blood Elf and Dark Iron Dwarves can complete a new questline that rewards a new mount and weapon appearances.
    • New Achievements – Players who have been hard at work unlocking all covenant achievements will now see those achievements completed across all their characters.
    • Quality of Life Changes – Increases to Renown earning and catch-ups, character class tuning, increased Grateful Offerings and more.

    For a full rundown of all that 9.2.5 has to offer, including which raids and dungeons are currently included in cross-faction instances, be sure to check out the World of Warcraft website.

    Jashvir Sandhu
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