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    Cotton Reboot! to be released on July 20th

    ININ Games announces the release date of BEEP’s dazzling side-scrolling shoot-em-up Cotton Reboot! on July 20th digitally and physically on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Europe, North America, and Australasia.

    The first official trailer encapsulates the magical and perfect fusion of a side-ways scroller, cute ‘em up with a fabulous cast of adversaries, nonstop exciting action, and an adorable central character. Nata de Cotton, together with her sidekick mascot Silk, a fairy, front up against an ever-growing horde of very troublesome enemies in many evil forms.

    Cotton Reboot! delivers seven amazing colourful stages, where visual and onscreen conformations really show off this arcade gem at its best. Special effects, pixel-perfect animation, sprites and backdrops deliver unexpected surprises.

    A remaster with hand-drawn HD graphics

    Cotton Reboot! is a wonderful updated, remastered version of the classic and iconic Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams with brand new features and updated visual designs. The game comes with stunning, hand-drawn HD graphics and remixed soundtracks.

    The game comes with the fan favourite iconic Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams in the X68000 original mode. And it also features 2 more game modes. Arrange mode features 16:9 screens, redesigned graphics and characters. In Score Attack mode the player competes for scores online within a limited time (2 minute and 5-minute modes can be selected).

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