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    Colorful and poisonous shooter – Poison Control: release date announced

    NIS America is releasing a new character trailer from Poison Control that introduces the playable characters and rivals. Together with the video, NIS America announces the poisonous title: Poison Control will be released on April 16, 2021, on PlayStation 4 and Switch.

    A mysterious phenomenon causes ghosts to become trapped in the poisonous manifestation of their own despair. Only the arrogant Poisonette and her distracted soul mate can save these spirits from their fate. During their journey, they meet fallen souls who are longingly looking for a way out. Your journey is made difficult by Poison Maidens, who have their own malicious goals. All sorts of twisted creatures lurk in the poisonous swamps with nothing good in mind. What dark secrets will they uncover about this poisonous world … and about themselves?


    A toxic partnership: Switch between the poison-absorbing poisonette and its weapon-wielding soulmate and combine their fire power and zone control to fight the creatures of the poisonous swamps. New weapons, such as a poison bomb or fiery poisons, which can be used to cleanse entire areas, can be unlocked during the trip.

    Enigmatic Encounters: Uncover mysterious circumstances Poisonette and her soulmate encounter on their journey of salvation. On her way she meets other Poison Maidens who are not pursuing quite as impeccable goals as they are. Can they free and purify the many fallen souls, each trapped in their own hells?

    Corrupt and Colorful: The art style is dark and yet gorgeous! This twisted story almost jumps off the screen in your face. Lively levels and dynamic and unique gameplay effects make this game a real visual highlight!

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