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    Co-Op Demos For Cassette Beasts & Mr. Sun’s Hatbox Available Now During Steam’s Friendship Games Week

    Friendship Games Week is officially underway on Steam, and Raw Fury is here showcasing amazing co-op demos for Cassette Beasts and Mr. Sun’s Hatbox! As a celebration of shared gameplay, Friendship Games Week focuses on bringing friends together through a variety of cooperative modes from now until February 21st.


    Collect awesome monsters to transform into during turn-based battles in the open-world RPG Cassette Beasts. Venture to New Wirral with a friend in co-op, discovering beautifully crafted monsters to collect and combine. You’ll explore Harbourtown and face the Archangel boss while uncovering the first pieces of the game’s narrative.

    Players can unlock co-op by completing the initial monster transformation tutorial, enabling play via local multiplayer or Steam Remote Play Together. Game saves will carry over to the full game, so you can begin your adventure now and pick up right where you left off at launch.


    When the dastardly Mr. Moon and his troublemakers steal poor Mr. Sun’s hatbox delivery, it’s up to you as an honorable courier to get that hat back! Upgrade your HQ, build up a crew of reformed hat thieves, and go on dangerously ridiculous heists to get the job done. Whether you opt for careful stealth or charge into combat guns blazing, you’ll don a closetful of diverse headgear and weapons to return the stolen package to its rightful owner.

    If you missed it during Steam Next Fest, the latest Mr. Sun’s Hatbox demo lets you play campaign missions on your own or teamed up with a friend in co-op via local multiplayer or Steam Remote Play Together. You can even face off with swords, stale baguettes, and more in head-to-head battles! Discover bonus content like a new hat heist, the new Farm environment, and extra upgrades for your home base such as the Med Bay and Black Market. Best of all, game saves carry over to the full game, so you can pick your hat up right where you left it at launch!

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