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    Chimeraland Is Now Available To Play For Free On PC And Mobile Devices

    Level Infinite has announced its vast open-world MMORPG Chimeraland is now available to play for free on iOS & Android devices and PC via Steam. Chimeraland is a sandbox survival game set in a prehistoric, mythical world where players can build freely and interact with other travelers, capture and tame bizarre beasts, and survive in an ever-changing world filled with magic.

    Drawing upon the legends of Eastern mythology, Chimeraland transports players to a world of limitless possibility full of fantastical beasts that roam the land, air, and sea. Once captured and tamed, players can transform their new pets, ranging from simple creatures to remarkable chimeras—numerous beasts combined to create a truly magnificent mount. Chimeraland’s first-of-its-kind “Devour” function allows players to absorb the powers of the creatures they capture, which sometimes manifest as the physical traits of the beats they were drawn from.

    The vast, open world of Chimeraland is boundless; due to the spherical nature of the map, which consists of over 4,000 square kilometers for players to explore, delivering a true sense of freedom while discovering new creatures and locales. With four continents and the ability to take to the skies and outer space, players can even visit other realms and encounter otherworldly creatures, or choose to build their home on a distant planet. Interactions with other players are not limited to a simple “hello”; rather, players can enjoy a fully developed social trading system where fellow adventurers become a significant part of the unfolding story.

    Chimeraland Key Features:

    • Expansive Open World: With its unique spherical map, Chimeraland allows for seamless exploration between continents, free of borders and load screens.
    • Transform the Wilderness: Gather resources to create and design a home of your choice, with plenty of different styles to choose from. Whether it’s a treehouse high in the sky or a mansion in the middle of a sprawling lake!
    • Endlessly Customizable: The sky’s the limit! Players have a myriad of ways to customize their own unique avatars from a wide range of different races, as well as the ability to change the look of their faces down to the most minute details
    • Magnificent Beasts and Where to Find Them: Find and tame countless beasts scattered throughout the world to recruit them as companions, or combine beats to create one-of-a-kind chimeras with special abilities and attributes.
    • Endless Arsenal: With no class restrictions and dozens of weapon types, you can arm yourself however you like!

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