HomeNewsCharming pixel platformer Horace heading your way onto Switch on October 21st

    Charming pixel platformer Horace heading your way onto Switch on October 21st

    Publisher 505 Games unveiled pixel platformer Horace, an instant classic and unmissable tale of a small robot on a big adventure, is taking its emotional and rich tale of self-discovery to Nintendo Switch on Wednesday, October 21 for £10.99. Players who pre-order Horace from the Nintendo eShop before launch save 10%


    The little, big game boasts more than 15-hours of thrilling platforming and adventure peppered with bold storytelling and quirky pop culture references that will leave behind for players a lingering nostalgia for the classic 8 and 16-bit era of gaming. Metroidvania-inspired abilities are unlocked as players progress through challenging platforming areas while puzzles and difficult bosses invite players to further put their skills to test.

    Horace is a hand-crafted experience that will leave players laughing, crying, and ultimately cheering their way through a touching narrative complete with full cinematic cut scenes, a host of mini-games, and secrets waiting to be uncovered.

    Here’s some PC gameplay below:

    Source: GameNews

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