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    Challenge your reflexes in Demon Pit

    Savagely inspired by the 90s arcade fast-paced shooter in the first-person perspective, comes Demon Pitdone in collaboration between publisher Digeratiand developers Psychic Software with DoomCube.

    Welcome to hell

    As a demon hunter, you have been damned for eternity into the pit due to many years of slaughtering demon-kind. Now armed with weapons and a soul grappler, you will fight for your soul in endless waves of demons in a constantly changing environment.

    Hellish features:

    • Fight against 10 types of demon hell spawns with 7 varied weapons
    • Quickly traverse around the arena and enemies with your soul grapple
    • Adapt and master movements in order to survive constant changing environments and hazards
    • Keep your multiplier alive to be in the leaderboard

    Hell hordes will come for you this coming 2019 (between Q3 or Q4) for PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Further confirmation on the actual date of release will be announced soon.

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