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    Casual life simulation – Chinese Parents coming to Switch this August 20th

    Publisher Coconut Island Games and developer Moyuwan Games revealed the switch version of life simulation casual game Chinese Parents digitally available via Nintendo eShop on August 20. The game will have multiple language support in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese languages.

    Welcome to a Chinese life sim

    Chinese Parents is a unique sim in which you can experience the life of an ordinary Chinese child from birth to the end of high school. Then you need to face one of the biggest challenges and examinations in your life, the Gaokao. Here, you need to study hard, plan your schedule carefully in order to balance your stress and academic performance. Of course, you can also be friends and even date with your classmates, perhaps you can meet him/her again after graduation.

    Else than school life, there are multiple mini-games related to Chinese culture challenges you. Can you defeat your annoying neighbors in the Face Duel by showing off traits? Or can you get the red pocket in the Lunar New Year from relatives in a courtesy manner?

    After all these things, you will meet with your biggest challenge, the Gaokao. Which university you will enter? What will you be? And more importantly, when you become a parent, how will you treat your child, will you let him/her grow happily with no stress, or will you be a tiger parent? It’s all up to you.

    Asian parents features as shared on Steam:

    A unique slice of life simulator

    You are a child born in an ordinary Chinese family. Prior to Gaokao, one of the most critical examinations, you have 18 years to enjoy your life and make choices to be yourself.

    Be a Chinese kid

    As a girl or a boy, different experiences from heartfully weaved stories and distinctive characters awaits you.

    Use “Fragments” to improve yourself

    Raise your stats with Fragment mini-game. Higher stats improve your character through learning new skills.

    Tiger Parent, or not?

    Scheduling every detail, either ensure a happy and stress-free life, or force the kid to study as hard as possible? It’s all up to you.

    Live the life as a Chinese child with various mini-games

    Expect a life full of challenges. Do you have what it takes to defeat your annoying and cocky neighbors in the Face Duel? Or can you maintain your cool while trying everything to grasp the Red Pocket against your relatives in a courtesy manner?

    Multiple friends to date with

    You are not alone, after all, you need a social life. Choose and date with 14 friends in total with various interactions in order to know them better. Who knows what post-graduation fairy tales will happen to these childhood sweethearts?

    Over 100 career endings

    Persuade your dream career, and choose your own life. Will you settle to be an average nobody, or only after reaching the top of everything will your ambition be properly answered?

    Your family journeys on, from generation to generation

    Your child in the next game will benefit from your achievements in the previous generation. Don’t forget to check back your roots to find courage and wits for the future.

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