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    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions presents ‘Brazil Junior Youth’ trailer and a gameplay tutorial video

    Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released two gameplay and tutorial video of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions showcasing Brazil Junior Youth characters Carlos Bara, Luciano Leo, Keizinho, and Alberto. The game is setting a goal of August 28 release on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

    Details of the characters as stated on the official website:

    Brazil Junior Youth appears out of the blue, shocking everybody! The strongest team makes a surprise appearance on Rise of New Champions to compete for the prestige of the Football Kingdom!

    Carlos Bara

    A forward for the Brazilian Junior Youth team. He is known for his tough physique and robot-like precision technique.
    He is clinically calm no matter what happens. He is the Football Kingdom’s ace who scores a lot of goals and is determined to win every game.

    Luciano Leo

    A midfielder for the Brazilian Junior Youth team.
    Bara and Leo are a combo and have played together for a long time. He is usually a forward but is a midfielder in this tournament so Bara can perform to his full potential.


    The goalkeeper for the Brazilian Junior Youth team.
    He saves goals acrobatically with his marvelous reflexes and flexibility.
    He never stops smiling as he believes that football should be joyful and fun.


    A defender and the captain of the Brazilian Junior Youth team. He is a great leader and unites his different teammates together.
    He also contributes to the offense as a libero even though he is the most skilled defender in Brazil.

    Below is a first tutorial video presented previously to show how the game is played

    For more about our previous coverage, click on the links below:


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