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    Home Community Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's DLC to help Australian Bushfire Efforts

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s DLC to help Australian Bushfire Efforts


    Infinity Ward renamed one of their DLC packs to “The Outback Relief Pack” with the intention of all purchases by fans of the DLC pack to be donated to the relief effort of Australia’s ongoing catastrophic bushfire. The pack includes skins, a legendary sniper and other cosmetic add-ons items.

    “As part of our efforts to help provide relief toward the devastating bushfires in Australia, we’re donating 100% of Activision’s net proceeds from each purchase of the “Outback” pack, which we’ve re-named the Outback Relief pack, across all platforms through January 31st. If you’ve already purchased the Outback pack, thank you. Your purchase will count towards the donation.

    From everyone at Infinity Ward, Call of Duty and Activision, thank you for your consideration. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected.”

    Players require 1800 CP to purchase the DLC pack and will be available for all platforms until January 31st, 2020

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