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    Join up in team-based melee combat with Boreal Blade

    Loosely similar to the game For Honor with a picturesque art style, Trine series developer Frozenbyte has introduced the team-based Nordic mythology inspired melee fighting game called Boreal Blade for the Nintendo Switch. Switch version has a demo available now and the full game can be purchased on the Nintendo eShop priced at $19.99 / 19.99€ / £17.99/ 84.40 MYR. Check it out below:



    Fight for a cause worth dying for!

    Are you ready to join the battle? Well, this is player vs player combat where players are challenged in reactive and proactive elements featuring various weapon types, 3 optional fighting styles and armour classes with different strengths and weaknesses.

    Key Game Features:

    • One attack button, hundred of variant strikes- Simple controls, but more freedom to attacks and blocks; allowing more thinking on battle tactics, evasive manoeuvres and control the flow of combat.
    • Practice with over 100 weapons, shields, armour, battle items, customized fighting style and tactics that suit the right playstyle for you.
    • A true warrior will dodge, sprints, blocks, powered attacks, feint attacks and weapon throws to confuse opponents.
    • Four multiplayer game modes -Charge together with your clan warriors into Team Deathmatch where the first warrior to get 20 kills is the winner!.
    • Boreal Battle modes consist of both teams versus each other, taking turns in attacking or defending a banner.
    • Create your warrior in detailed character creation with customizable accessories, weapons, facial hairs and more
    • Enticed yourself in Nordic mythology inspired fighting arenas
    • Free demo is available on Switch on the link provided, via Nintendo eShop which includes tutorials, training hall and Yggslatr map. Demo players are also free to join other games hosted by full game players.


    Join the fight as Boreal Blade is out now for the Switch with the PC release set to be announced later.

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