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    Blast Dinosaurs In Exoprimal – Capcom’s New Online Team Base Action Game

    Capcom has announced a new online team-based game called Exoprimal which pits humanity’s cutting edge exosuit technology against history’s most ferocious beast, dinosaurs.

    Here is a short description of the story:

    The year is 2040…
    Sudden dinosaur outbreaks have engulfed the globe in a crisis that threatens humanity’s very existence.
    Yet all hope is not lost. The corporation Aibius has developed a hyper-advanced AI called Leviathan that can predict the location of future outbreaks.
    This technology, along with Aibius’s revolutionary powered suits, or exosuits, gives humanity a fighting chance to stem the tide of the saurian swarms. Exosuit pilots, otherwise known as exofighters, are in high demand.
    Take the exofighter aptitude test and join the ranks of Aibius’s heroic pilots in their fight to stave off the extinction of the human race.

    Exosuits will have different roles and players will pilot these suits to hold against the overwhelming dinosaur swarms in an online-only, team-based action game mode. Dino Survival, the main game mode, will see two teams of five players compete in a variety of PvE and PvP missions. Players will be transported to a scene of the latest dinosaur outbreak and follow Leviathan’s guidance to complete missions. The team which completes the missions first will be victorious.

    The World’s Strongest Exosuits

    The game will feature a variety of exosuits, each with its unique role. Based on their range of abilities, exosuits are primarily categorized into one of three roles.

    1. Assault – which uses an array of attacks to defeat the enemy.
    2. Tank – which protects teammates by drawing out enemy attacks
    3. Support – which can do things like heal allies and weaken opponents.

    Exofighters can change suits anytime, even during battle, by performing a suit change. However, this will leave you unprotected for a short time but you can take advantage of this flexibility to alter your team compositions on the fly and complete your objectives.


    • Deadeye

    Deadeye is an easy-to-use, all-purpose exosuit that specializes in engaging enemies from medium to long distances.

    Its primary weapon is a low-recoil assault rifle that can be used to engage targets at a distance while aiming down its sights. Deadeye can also use a powerful palm strike to repulse enemies that get too close.

    • Zephyr

    Zephyr is a speedy, melee-focused exosuit that specializes in close-quarters combat.

    Exofighters will need to be confident in their ability to manoeuvre and avoid damage to compensate for Zephyr’s light armor.

    The tonfa installed in Zephyr’s arms emit an energy wave sharp enough to slice into even the hardest dinosaur skin.


    • Roadblock

    Roadblock is a heavyweight exosuit with supreme durability.

    Its massive shield protects allies and enhances the team’s survivability.

    The shield can deflect all manner of incoming attacks, but it can also be paired with a boost function to repulse even the largest of enemies.


    • Witchdoctor

    Witchdoctor is a support suit that specializes in synergizing with its allies’ skills and attacks.

    Exofighters should use Witchdoctor’s skills to repair and buff allies.

    Witchdoctor can quickly leap around the battlefield and make use of abilities that repair damaged allies and grant buffs like enhanced movement speed.

    More suits will be coming in the game other than the above mentioned in the future.

    Dinosaur Outbreaks

    Some of history’s deadliest predators, such as T. Rex, Raptors, and Pteranodons, will emerge from dimensional rifts called vortexes. Working together and use your exosuits’ roles effectively is crucial to face the odds as hundreds of dinosaurs emerge.

    Next-generation AI Leviathan

    In Dino Survival game mode, teams will be assembled at dinosaur outbreak locations and will reach each other to complete Leviathan’s various missions faster than the other team to win. Missions will change based on your skill and what is unfolding in the game. This will give each game a different feeling and experience. Leviathan also will serve as a voice navigations system that will show your next missions, routes to your goal and many more as it guides you through the gameplay.

    Exoprimal is currently in development and will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC through Steam with a target release date of 2023. Stay tuned for more information about the game in the future from Exoprimal’s Official Website.

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