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    Black Desert Console Introduces The New Drakania Class and A New Season

    Pearl Abyss has announced that the new Drakania class has arrived in Black Desert Console. There is also a New Season server available also to help Adventurers progress with the new class even faster.

    Black Desert’s 24th newest class, Drakania, is the Destroyer of Ynix and the antithesis of Guardian. She wields her Slayer and Shard to unleash powerful attacks and destructive strikes. With her weapons, she can release ions gathered in her Slayer to crash enemies, sweep them away by spinning with Slayer, and plant her Slayer to absorb ions and use them as protection.

    Season: Drakania has also begun in Black Desert Console. Adventurers can now create Season Characters and get various benefits during the season period. The Season Level-up Challenges will also take place in which special rewards will be given according to the level achieved with Drakania. Various rewards including Shakatu’s Shiny Boxes (Combat & Life), an Item Branding Stone, and 500 Ancient Spirit Dust can be obtained.

    In celebration of the arrival of Drakania, more benefits and in-game events will be available for new and returning Adventurers. New Adventurers, in particular, can get additional items such as Fairy Irene and Wizard Gosphy by completing a special Challenge.

    Last but not least, a seasonal 3v3 tournament “Tuvala Cup” is coming to Black Desert Console. Participants will be competing against the others using their Season Characters and the winners will be rewarded greatly. Registration will begin in early June.

    Black Desert Console is available on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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