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    Being “Kreatif” with simple doodles to make them beautiful pieces of art

    Everyone can be creative, whether they realize it or not. A lot of people tend to think creativity is binary: either you have it, or you don’t. But the truth is, we all have it. Even by picking up a pencil or a Galaxy Note device to make scribbles, that it is one of the ways to showcase creativity. Now, it’s your time to show some spontaneous creativity – and it’s fascinating to see how we all build upon our doodles in our own unique way!

    With Samsung Malaysia’s #PowerofKreatif contest, you will be able to doodle away and potentially win a grand prize worth RM6,197! All you have to do is showcase your doodling skills from 5th October till 1st November 2020 by using the S Pen, pencil, or other tools. Creativity takes on many different forms, and your S Pen will be one of your best choices that makes editing and sharing creativity effortlessly easy.

    With a bi-weekly change of theme between a MalaysiaKu and Nature and the city theme, get your creative juices flowing and you may also just be rewarded with the incredible prizes listed below! Not only that, the top 20 winners can have their works exhibited at Samsung Malaysia’s website, therefore sharing their art with an audience of hundreds, if not thousands.

    Winner Prize
    Grand prize winner* x 1 Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G + Galaxy Buds Live + UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charger worth RM6,197
    Second prize winner* x 1 Galaxy Note20 Ultra worth RM5,199
    Third prize winner* x 1 Galaxy Note20 worth RM3,899
    Fourth prize winner x 10 Galaxy Buds Live worth RM699 / each
    Consolation winner x 30 UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charger worth RM299 / each


    Contestants will need to follow the steps below in order to qualify:

    Step Description
    Step 1 Draw your inspiration based on the themes by these options:

    (1) Doodle on a paper or

    (2) Doodle at any Galaxy Note series


    Submission for both themes are required to be in the running for the Grand Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize.

    Step 2 Share an image of your doodle and a video of your doodling process on your Instagram profile, include hashtags #PowerOfKreatif #GalaxyNote20. Ensure your Instagram account is set to public.
    Step 3 Tag 2 friends on your post and ensure your friends follow @SamsungMalaysia Instagram account and their accounts are set to ‘public’ too.
    Step 4 The top 20 winners will have their doodles enhanced using Galaxy Note20 S Pen and repost on Samsung website.


    Visit the official contest page here to find out more on upcoming updates.

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