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    Bandai Namco is making its way to Shopee and Lazada for your shopping convenience

    The recent change of events has surely pushed many people to do their purchases online. There was already an increase in sales in respective console stores and there would be also many that would’ve relied on their favorite online vendors to purchase their gaming peripherals and games.

    The trend is already heading that way and even big named publishers such as Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is making their expansion through other online platforms.


    The collaboration with Shopee and Lazada will offer the same game titles and other editions as in-store along with access to the same range of game collections found on other gaming mainstream platform stores. In addition, there will also be additional exclusive “online-only” game editions released at various seasons throughout the year.



    The General Manager of Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia, Rainel Tan expressed that

    We will do our best to expand the e-commerce network to include the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia and we will also work on exciting releases on Shopee and Lazada to offer our customers a differentiated experience shopping on these platforms with us.”


    This is definitely a movement that is heading towards convenience for gaming at your fingertips. Take this chance to check out the range of games for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 available and get their hands on exclusive bundles and gifts with selected purchases.

    No official announcement yet for the Malaysian side but I am certain that it will come nonetheless considering our neighbors in Singapore have gotten theirs.






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