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    Bandai Namco Entertainment America Found Its New Vice President of Marketing in Ross Borden.


    Publishing giant, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. has announced a new leader for its marketing organization. Video games industry veteran, Ross Borden, is joining the company to lead its marketing team as Vice President of Marketing; with a focus on driving its evolution in the Games-as-a-Service sector as well as expanding its digital marketing & communications capabilities and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. Borden’s posting is effective immediately.

    With a passion for building businesses and delighting customers, Borden brings with him over two decades of marketing experience from the video game and tech industries.

    Having held marketing and publishing leadership roles throughout his career at companies such as Namco, NCSOFT, and Robot Entertainment; his expertise in the digital publishing space and video game marketing will play a pivotal role in driving further success throughout the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment organization.

    Speaking on his appointment as the new VP of Marketing, Borden shared;

    “Today, video games offer more entertainment options, through more platforms, for a wider range of players, than ever before in its history and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is poised to offer some of the most unique and compelling content to players around the globe,”

    He further adds;

    “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s exciting product line-up, which encompasses a wide range of popular genres and IPs, offers countless opportunities to delight our customers. I look forward to opening new avenues of growth for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s business in the Americas.”

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