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    Avernus Enters A Challenging Action-Adventure, Set In The Labyrinthine Tomb Of A Dead Machine-God!

    Independent studio Subsolar Entertainment is excited to announce an official release date for their kickoff title, Avernus, a challenging action-adventure game set in the labyrinthine tomb of a dead machine-god! Avernus will become available on Steam January 20th, 2023!

    About Avernus

    “An ancient tomb of a long-forgotten god is under attack. Its doors lie open, seals broken and no one is left to resist the invading legion. It is only a matter of time before they reach the inner core and fulfill their dire ambitions. As a final, desperate act, the buried god stirs one last time to give its remaining strength to a single warrior, who now must fight through the enveloping darkness and save his creator.”

    Avernus is a challenging action-adventure game where you take control of a reanimated guardian —empowered by the final spark of a dead god— who must brave the increasingly dangerous, labyrinthine halls of a hostile tomb.

    To survive this perilous journey, you must master the game’s fast-paced and demanding combat, learn the ways of the labyrinth, destroy enormous boss monsters, and inherit their game-changing abilities.


    • Master a unique combat system that is designed to reward dynamic and aggressive play.
    • Five enormous and extremely challenging boss encounters.
    • Four lovingly handcrafted dungeons.
    • Learn what caused the destruction of the ancient gods through beautiful in-game cinematics.

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