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    Atmospheric narrative adventure, Lost Words: Beyond the Page Gets Trailer Spotlighting Emotional Musical Score

    Indie publisher Modus Games and developer Sketchbook Games share a behind-the-music trailer illuminating Lost Words: Beyond the Page’s award-winning score composed by David Housden. Lost Words, now available on Stadia, is an atmospheric puzzler about a young girl named Izzy coming to terms with life’s hardships. A demo is now live on Steam for those who are interested in getting a taste of the game before its full PC and console release this Spring.

    Lost Words was recently bestowed with the 2020 TIGA award for Best Audio Design. The TIGA Games Industry Awards are the UK’s most prestigious celebration of games development, business, and education in the gaming industry. In today’s video, viewers will get an in-depth look at the creation of the Lost Words score and why the game’s music elevates the touching story of a girl exploring her world through the pages of her diary.

    Game features:

    2D Adventure Platforming. Navigate beautiful 2D worlds set inside a young girl’s diary by walking on the words and using them as tools to solve different puzzles.

    Immersive Storytelling. Traverse an emotionally moving narrative by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett as the player makes decisions which shape the events that take place in Estoria.

    Breathtaking Visual Style. Discover the watercolor world presented in the pages of the diary as well as the vibrant fantasy world of Estoria.

    Innovative Gameplay. Harness words to alter the environment to create a safe passage for the protagonist in an entirely unique and refreshing style of platforming.

    Meaningful Exploration. Gather firefly collectibles scattered across the lands of Estoria for an additional challenge.

    Award-Winning Gameplay. Winner of over a dozen accolades including Best Indie Game, Best Casual Game & Most Original Game at Game Connection Paris, Special Selection Indie Award at Reboot Develop and UKIE’s UK Game of the Show at Gamescom.

    Here is a overview trailer:

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