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    Atmospheric hacking adventure platformer, Recompile new gameplay trailer

    Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Phigames revealed a new trailer of Recompile which is set to launch on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X in 2020. The game sets itself apart as a Metroidvania-inspired hacking adventure in a sprawling 3D world of the Mainframe where hacking is means of intense combat, platforming, environmental manipulation, and branching narrative.

    Below are some of the info as shared on Steam:

    Discover the many secrets beneath the ancient digital landscape, and prepare for system-wide reconfiguration. As the game’s entire narrative takes place within 1 second of real-time.

    Delve into the ancient, sprawling ruins of the Mainframe and discover a range of traversal abilities to help you on your journey towards attaining true sapience.

    Recompile aims to be the first-ever Metroidvania-style game to include multiple, highly dynamic critical paths. Your play style and choices matter, weaving together a narrative unique to you as the true nature of the mysterious virtual world are revealed.

    The untimely fall of the Seven Suns leads to millennia of neglect, gradually transforming the Mainframe’s vast repository of code into a race of half-sentient, half-deterministic subroutines. They exist in a state of flux as if trapped by their programming in a kind of twisted digital purgatory.

    You, The Program, must decide on whether to help or hinder the denizens of the Mainframe. The inhabitants are strange and diverse, and many are found to be inherently hostile. A full complement of powerful weapons and abilities are available to help you survive, defend, and destroy.

    Every single environmental feature, including power grids, locked doors, and even huge enemy spawning machines are all powered by intricate, interconnected logic gate circuitry.

    Nothing is hardcoded, everything is systemic, and everything fully exploitable. Logic gates can be freely inverted, overridden, or disabled entirely, allowing puzzles or other threatening obstacles to be peacefully and safely bypassed. Even the inhabitants themselves can be tampered with, their programming changed to follow the player’s commands.

    Recompile is a game about choices and consequences.

    Life and death. Chaos and determinism. Sentience and sapience. Intelligence exists in many forms. In this dying world, one must explore all possibilities. Observe and respect all perspectives. Only then, can we truly survive?.

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