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    ASUS Announces Seeing an Incredible Future Virtual Launch Event & Exclusive Showrooms in Las Vegas

    ASUS has announced its Seeing An Incredible Future virtual launch event for CES 2023, introducing sustainability achievements, product innovations, and world premieres. The event will showcase exciting innovations spanning creator, consumer, business, gaming laptops, displays, desktops, mini PCs, and more. The online-only event will take place on January 4, 2023, at 10 a.m. PST on the ASUS event site.

    In addition to the wide array of incredible products ASUS is bringing to CES 2023, the company is also focused on creating sustainability for today, and tomorrow, by embracing technological innovations to implement sustainable actions. This endeavor started more than a decade ago with the introduction of the world’s first carbon-neutral laptop. ASUS now offers a range of sustainable solutions for professionals and businesses. These actions underscore the ASUS commitment to its vision of sustaining an incredible future, together.

    During the event, expect to see the most updated and powerful silicon unveiled, with stunning graphics and processing capabilities, and incredible OLED panels. Beyond performance, ASUS laptops are more durable than ever, undergoing rigorous military grade durability testing to ensure extended product lifecycles. Also, this year, ASUS plans to showcase never-before-seen-on-a-laptop technologies that will transform the way we work, play, create, and interact with laptops.

    An astonishing augmented reality (AR) experience, with beautiful visuals related to the ASUS CES 2023 event theme, is available for all on the ASUS event site. To participate, anyone can simply take their phone, scan the QR code, and see the incredible happen. This AR experience also gives hints about one of the biggest ASUS innovations coming up for CES 2023. Scan now for a chance to find out what ASUS has been secretly preparing.

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