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    Arcade action platformer Killer Queen Black buzzes to Switch and PC

    Developer and publisher Liquid Bit has announced the official upcoming release of Killer Queen Black, an 8-player action arcade platformer, now coming for the PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.


    The buzz on this game is a killer! Literally!

    After the game’s success in the arcade scene back in 2013, Killer Queen Black is now coming to your living room and stirring up a storm of buzzing fury combined with glam-rock art inspired from the 80’s era. The game has been fine-tuned to suit couch-style gameplay and two teams of 4 make up the blue and gold team to either attack or defend. Who is ready to defend their hive?

    You are in control of a Queen, on either side. Armed to the teeth, your job is to protect your hive with the help of your worker drones. But beware, as powerful as you are, your lives are limited, so you must work in tandem with your drones to make sure they fulfil their tasks of establishing your hive and take the victory. Your drones are also able to morph into a more powerful form as they reach specific gates in the game. Different gates give them different traits. Speed boost and new weapons are some of the abilities the gates offer, be vigilant and fast in your decision!

    Four game modes to choose from in this game:

    Quick Match: Jump into the action and start battling it out!

    Ranked: For those players who wish to rise to the top and claim the first place of the hive-defence championship.

    Custom: Set your own rules and parameters for the game, get creative!

    Arena: Requires a ticket to play that you can obtain via victories or in-game purchase. Obtain a winning streak in the Arena to reap the most benefits out of it. Get a notch for every victory on your Sword. Earn a fancy new sword on your 100th victory, Brag rights galore!

    Killer Queen Black will “bee” available in September 2019, for PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

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