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    Apex Legends is just getting started: Battle Pass, Mobile and more

    Apex Legends seems to keep growing in numbers not long after its launch. Achieving 10 million players in over 72 hours is no simple feat even for BR game standards. We absolutely had a blast with it and this by far is the most fun BR game we have ever laid our hands on. Check out our review to know more. That said, Respawn Entertainment has just recently announced further plans for their surprise hit ensuring players that the game will be thriving with content for months to come.

    Battle Pass

    Respawn Entertainment has revealed a 2019 Roadmap that outlines the full support for the game leading towards the end of the year. The first season will begin in March. There will be four seasons in one year and each will be three months long. As each season arrives, it will bring a new Battle Pass that adds new Legends –which are character classes, new weapons and a whole array of new cosmetics and vanity items.

    Battle Passes is nothing new and it seems Respawn Entertainment will be following the footsteps of Fortnite with what has brought them great success. For the time being, there is no actual cost to it yet but my guess it shouldn’t be too far off from what other BR games are offering. Only time can tell if this implementation will work for Apex Legends but as far as the reception goes, I believe it might.


    Crossplay has been under hot attention as of late for some games and Apex Legends certainly isn’t spared. While there are no official announcements yet, Respawn has confirmed that cross-play is somewhere in the pipeline for Apex Legends. However no word has been given on how they are going to manage between different control scheme platforms mainly between console and PC.

    Solo & Duo Queue?

    According to known Fornite data miner, ShiinraBR has uncovered what seem to be hints of Solo as well as Duo modes in Apex Legends. While the current matchmaking mode seems to work well for all aspects of players thanks to the wonderfully designed Ping system, it is good to know that there is support for the smaller groups.

    Going mobile and Switch

    Jumping on to Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms seem like the trend these days. The ability to play games on the go is huge plus point especially if developers and studios wish to tap into a larger casual market. Knowing the likes of Fortnite who has made itself available on both platforms has been doing considerably well. It is only natural to ask if Apex Legends would make the same move.

    The lead producer for Apex Legends, Drew McCoy has said that the team has expressed interest to bring the game over to mobile and Switch nonetheless there’s “nothing they can currently talk about”. However, in EA’s recent Fiscal Q3’19 earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson sounds rather confident. In his words:

    “There are going to be opportunities to take the game in different directions over time. Esports will almost certainly be part of that. Additional game modes, the impact of additional legends over time, great new content will have an impact,”

    With the recent rise in their stock prices due to the game, the company wants to handle Apex Legends with more careful planning as they slowly want to expand it further.

    “As I’ve said earlier, we are looking at how to take the game to mobile and cross-play over time. And I also expect that this game will have tremendous value in Asia, and we’re in conversations about that.

    It is good to know that gamers from all spectrum of platforms slowly but surely be able to get their hands on the game.


    Stay tune with us for more of Apex Legends as we approach the upcoming first season on March.

    Apex Legends is available now on PS4, Xbox and PC.



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