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    An anime-juiced rhythm adventure, UNBEATABLE starts a kickstarter

    Indie devs D-CELL Games recently announce and starts a Kickstarter for UNBEATABLE, a rhythm-adventure where music is illegal, and you do crimes, TALK your way through trouble as you explore vibrant locales, and FIGHT your way through exciting arcade-perfect rhythm setpieces, featuring an original soundtrack by Peak Divide.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    UNBEATABLE [white label] is a special episode set in the world of UNBEATABLE. Every week during the length of UNBEATABLE‘s crowdfunding campaign (from April 6 to May 7), [white label] will be updated featuring new story content and beatmaps, eventually finishing a complete stand-alone narrative.


    • Visually stunning, heart-pumping, anime-inspired combat.
    • Battle to the beat however and whenever you want in the ARCADE MODE.
    • New story and songs releasing every week from April 6th-May 7th, including a couple of special surprises!
    • Not feeling the rhythm? Try out an early version of our ASSIST MODE for some help!

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