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    After Shadows welcomes Metroidvania platforming with a Reveal Trailer

    Insidious Games presents a Metroidvania game with platformer elements called After Shadows. Get into a distant post-apocalyptic future, where all of humanity became extinct. Explore the abandoned Fortress, look for traps and hide from Dark Monster who is chasing you. After Shadows is set for PC release in Autumn 2021.

    Source: Next Indie

    Game details as shared on Steam:
    Immerse yourself in the dark history of the distant future

    After Shadows is a Metroidvania with platformer elements. You find yourself in a distant post-apocalyptic world, where is nothing left of the former civilization, except for unclear memories, and where humanity has been replaced by bizarre strange creatures.

    You play as Ana, the half-elf. Dark Monster descended on her village and infected Ana’s mother. And now the main character will have to go to the ancient Fortress to find a cure. This Fortress is unexplored and full of dangers. It extends its way beyond the underground — into the terrible primeval darkness. And legend has it that in this darkness a brave adventurer can find both salvation and death.

    Game feature

    • High complexity
      There is no room for the weak in the world of the distant future. Explore the Fortress carefully — death is waiting for you with every step. Do you want to run past that cute bird? You’ll die. Did you accidentally step on the branch? You’ll also die.

    • Character development
      Every death or victory doesn’t pass without a trace for you. A large selection of curses and rewards diversify the gameplay.
    • Replayability
      The darkness that lives in the Fortress wants to stop you and not let you get to the end. And so you will have to burnish the brain: each time of the game session the path changes – sometimes beyond recognition. Because the eternal night is dark and full of horrors.

    • Dark, but attractive world
      Examine the strange monsters that inhabit the Fortress. Find those who will help you in your progress — whether it’s Water Imp or an old metal robot. Just remember that not all creatures wish you well…
    • Charming soundtrack
      It will be easier to immerse in the world of After Shadows because of the dark, but attractive music. The frightening, meditative, beautiful and enthralling tracks are waiting for you.
    • Attractive graphics
      Every stone in the game, every creature, and every texture is created manually. After Shadows has incredible attention to detail.

    • Different endings
      Choose your path, and get the ending you deserve. No playing along on the developers’ part — the gameplay is designed so that it adapts to you, but not you to it.

    • The intimacy of the story
      They are a small indie team, so they are limited in their capabilities. However, the team made their best efforts to make the game more interesting and significant for a long time. They hope you will be interested in it!
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