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    Action platforming Skelattack Launch Trailer

    Publisher Konami and developer Ukuza recently releases action platformer Skelattack for digital release on Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4, priced at $19.99. As the undead skeleton Skully, along with his faithful bat companion Imber, you’ll be tasked with keeping human heroes out of your dungeon.

    The information below as shared on Nintendo:

    Together with your best bat friend Imber, you will need to jump, slash and flap your way through the Underworld. It’s up to you to stop the humans, save the Elder, protect the Blue Flame and confront Skully’s own life before coming to the Aftervale.

    • Versatile and fluid platforming fun for all ages.
    • Visually rich art style.
    • Be a warrior AND a skeleton.
    • Fight the Humans before they plunder your un-life!
    • Meet a unique cast of friendly monsters, undead, and make friends along the way.
    • Play as an adorable bat named Imber, she is the best.
    • Take your time, look for secrets, or even try to speed run, Skelattack is fun for all skill levels and challenge seekers.
    • Extensive checkpoint system of Blue Flames to practice your jumps!
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