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    Action adventure sandbox, Cube Creator X coming out today in the West!

    Previously released by in Japan on April 2018, now developer Big John Games in collaboration with Arc Systems Works proudly announces Cube Creator X for western digital release on Nintendo eShop, promising that the world is 3 times the total cube than Cube Creator DX.



    Key World Features:
    • Multiplayer supported with optional competitive and cooperative with up to 4 players.
    • Arc Systems add on a more cosmetic flair to the character and level design.
    • Added robust editing tools for Creative Mode in creating a masterpiece world.
    • In Adventure mode, players will embark in quests and fight epic battles.
    • Other than creating shelters, and fortresses as well as cities with added new items such as weapons, architecture, and agriculture cubes.’
    • Added Stages mode to create stage levels with jumping-off point and a goal to be accomplished.
    • Players can add movement blocks, monsters, treasure chests, along with many more new, unique cubes
    • Player’s stages can also be uploaded and added to the Cube Creator X community (the Plaza) to be shared with anyone looking for a new challenging stage.
    • Half-cubes have also been added, along with the ability for the main character to experience hot & cold, as well as the ability to grow in size after consuming food items.
    The sandbox adventure is coming to Switch today, November 14, 2019.
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