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    A Storm Is Brewing As The Demo For Debut Title SeaRing Releases On Steam!

    The SeaRing Team has announced the demo launch of their debut title SeaRing, a 2D indie action-puzzle game is available now on Steam. As the developers edge closer to SeaRing’s full release, join the sea princess’ journey and embark on a quest to take back her mother’s missing crown through this gorgeous take on traditional 2D games.

    “Our team met through online forums when we were little more than video game loving kids. It is fantastic how years later we have specialised in different areas of the industry, and have managed to put together a very close team, even if we work remotely. Today, we are very proud to have launched the SeaRing demo! We have put in a lot of love and hard work in making this project come to life, and we hope that as many people as possible can enter our 2D world and have fun alongside us”.

    Simone Chelo – Lead Programmer of The SeaRing Team

    SeaRing is a 2D indie action-puzzle game submerging players in a world rich in story and adventure. Join the Princess of the Seas as she embarks on a fantastically nostalgic quest through spectacular storytelling, nonsensical NPCs, and backdrops of astonishing artwork and soothing songs, all with a devilish twist – defence will be the only form of ‘attack’. Embrace the power of the Sea Ring, summon its defensive capabilities and protect yourself from the barbaric bandits that lurk across this dangerous desert. Can you survive long enough to retrieve your mother’s lost crown and bring stability back to the Water Kingdom?

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    The Demo

    You wake up on a sandy beach after being washed ashore, as you first discover the relentless Realm of Fire. Wander through the ever-growing village, meet a plethora of hilarious (and possibly sunburnt) NPCs, and complete puzzling puzzles, as you meet the sadistic Saladino and his crew of criminalistic crabs whose mission in life is to permanently put an end to yours. Will you conquer these foolish foes or will you succumb to the pressure, and leave your hopes and dreams to dissipate under the sun?

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    Game Features:
    • Channel your inner pacifist as you call on the Sea Ring to see off all incoming attacks. Use it wisely as you interact with the objects splashed across the world to help you solve perplexing puzzles.
    • Socialise with over 50 unique NPCs, containing 100s of lines of dialogue as they provide helpful insight, comedic value through their witty humour, and explore the lore of the world you traverse. TIP: Do this well enough and you may unlock some secret content!
    • Are you lost, stuck on a puzzle, or fancy a quick chat? Never fear, Dad is here! The Sea Princess and her father’s (Dad) charm are but an underwater phone call away, via a push of a button; ‘C’.
    • Behold this pixel piece of art and enter a state of musical tranquillity, be transported by a silky soundtrack featuring 10 unique songs, as SeaRing sets the bar with its beautiful art, humour, and compositions.

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