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    A puzzling set of hands in Blackjack Hands, out now for the Nintendo Switch

    QUByte Interactive together with Minimol Games, have announced the release of Blackjack Hands for the Nintendo Switch, and is available via the eShop at a 50% discount. Check out a short gameplay trailer below:

    Play your cards right!

    Anyone familiar with blackjack will know the premise of the game, where the key number in the game is “21″, also known as a “blackjack”. In Blackjack Hands, players are given a unique way of dealing cards to reach their winning goal. Kinda reminiscent of Sudoku, players are dealt cards on a grid, and how players add the cards up is entirely up to them. Get creative!

    Game features:

    • Use your arrow keys to move the cards. When two cards touch, they merge into one!

    • Try to beat the dealer in 50 handcrafted levels;

    • Designed for experienced blackjack players and newcomers alike (you do not need to know how to play blackjack to enjoy this game!);

    • A relaxing and addictive puzzle game.

    Players can start beating the dealers and can check out the game on the eShop today.


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