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    2D side-scrolling action Dungreed sets an October 27th release for PlayStation and Switch

    Publisher Nicalis and developer Team Horay recently reveal the 2D side scroller Dungreed to be coming for a Western release on PlayStation 4 and Switch on October 27, priced at $14.99 digitally while the physical version is priced at $29.99 in Nicalis Online Store.

    Game details below as shared on Steam

    Become an adventurer exploring a continuously evolving dungeon to prevent the town from being destroyed. Eliminate enemies, use a variety of weapons and magic, eat food, and defeat evil in the dungeon!.


    A quiet and peaceful town was destroyed by a mysterious dungeon and all the townspeople were sucked into the dungeon. You must become an adventurer sent from the kingdom to solve this disaster. Enter the dungeon to face the endless threats, rescue the people and rebuild the town!

    There are no checkpoints in the dungeon. When an adventurer is slain within the dungeon, his items are lost and he is sent back to town.
    Don’t worry too much though. There are various ways you can grow. You can permanently increase your stats through training and become even stronger with various items and food found in the dungeon. Train the adventurer and explore deep into the dungeon!

    Key features:

    – Procedurally generated, but intricately designed maps
    – Training system to help explore the dungeon
    – From rusty swords to cutting-edge sniper rifles, various weapons, and magical items
    – High-quality appetizing pixel-art of food!
    – Rebuild the town
    – Dungeons with varying themes such as prison, jungle, and lava zone
    – Exciting monsters, traps and bosses

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