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    2020 Game Connection’s Winner Maze Platformer – Labyrinth City Launches Free Demo

    As winner of the Best Quality of Art at the Game Connection Asia Indie Development Awards 2020. Darjeeling, the production company of Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, has launched its free demo on Gamejolt and on PC.

    Labyrinth City’s award-winning visual is based on the award winning book “Pierre the Maze Detective” by IC4Design and created by Darjeeling, French multimedia production company famous for Homo Machina (2018) and Californium (2015). In the game, player will play as Pierre, a famous detective, to retrieve a stolen magic stone by exploring stunning mazes. On his journey to solving the biggest crime in the city, he will also encounter many fun and engaging characters and objects.

    Game Demo Available Now For Download
    The first two levels of Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective are already available for free preview as a downloadable demo on and Gamejolt.
    Full game is set to launch in March 2021 on PC.

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