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    Galaxy Unpacked YouTube Trailer Hits 100M Views!

    It is quite an understatement on how much anticipation there is from consumers on the latest and greatest to come from Samsung. On August 4th, that anticipation could not be reflected any clearer with the Unpacked Official Trailer hitting 100 million views on YouTube!

    The new Unpacked Official Trailer released on July 28th, showcases the evolution of mobile technology over the decades, demonstrating that change is not only inevitable, but usually for the better, and underlines the fact that once we experience better, we can never go back.

    The film challenges the status quo, suggesting that after a decade of incremental improvements to the smartphone, which all increasingly look and work the same, it’s time for consumers to ‘get ready to unfold’ something radically better with the new Galaxy device launching at Unpacked.

    A consumer-engaging social campaign, #UnfoldChallengewas also started on July 28th on TikTok in collaboration with BTS, Millie Bobby Brown and 7 global influencers. As of August 4th, the video views of the campaign on TikTok is 184 million views!

    The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event will be streamed online on Wednesday 11th August 2021 at 10:00 pm (Malaysia Time) at the links listed below;

    Samsung Malaysia YouTube

    Samsung Malaysia Facebook

    Samsung Malaysia Newsroom

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