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    Thinking of a cool in-game name for your games? here are some tips!

    As gamers, we all want to be known with a cool nickname in-game. It makes it that much more immersive, fun and exciting; even more when we play with our friends. I’m sure your RPG nickname Dem0n5layer420 is definitely suited to your character traits in your game, slaying dragons and all. But what if you wanted a name for a FPS franchise? or even a racing genre? you would sometimes get stuck. What do you want yourself to be known as? here are 5 tips that can help you in discovering a great nickname!

    The shorter, the better

    Keep it short! It’s better to have 1-3 words as your nickname. If it’s too long, people will have a hard time reading and remembering your name. Especially for those of you who play Free Fire, you’re probably used to using short and simple Free Fire nicknames. You don’t have to try hard to be cool, just remember KISS when picking a name for yourself: Keep It Super Simple!

    Use Easy-To-Remember Names

    Despite keeping it short, choose a name that’s simple and memorable and is distinct to you. Your friends will definitely appreciate you for that and remember you better. Easy-to-remember names usually sound better too! So, if you want people to remember you better, choose a simple, short nickname and avoid words that are hard to spell.

    You can also apply this to anywhere, from Youtube to blogs and of course, in-game characters!

    Don’t Be Shy, Use Your Real Name

    Feel free to use your own name if you’re comfortable with it! It is especially useful for people to recognize you if you stream or want to socialize with people in real life! You could combine your name with some catchy words to create something unique. If you already have a nickname, this is a great time to use it! This will be sure to give your name a distinct touch and exclusive to only you.

    Combine It with Unique Words

    To make your name stand out, combine it with some unique words. Be creative and use the names of your favourite items or characters from the games you like. In addition, read some gaming blogs and articles, jot down anything that sounds interesting you could use. For example, if you play PUBG Mobile, you could incorporate PUBG weapons names into your nickname!

    Incorporate Special Icons/Symbols

    Add in symbols to make your name a bit more complex and pop out more as compared to others! Icons/ symbols can be added to your nickname. For example:

    ● *
    ● #
    ● Star symbols,
    ● Or any emoticon/ symbols.

    Mix and match until you get a unique combination that works for you!

    Alternatively, Unipin has recommended a website called a nickname generator like to give you some ideas. There are literally millions of names you could pick from this generator. Just pick the type of name you want and let it do the thinking for you. Then pick a name you like to keep or modify!

    Also, do check out Unipin for all your game credit needs to further fortify your in-game prowess!

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