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    Mobile/Switch : Pokémon Quest Recipe Guide

    There are only two ways to expand your team in Pokémon Quest for now. One, is to wait for a new Pokémon to visit your camp...

    Mobile : Pocket City – Puts Sim City BuildIt to shame!

      Pocket City Pocket city is a great alternative to all the city building simulators you can find on the mobile app store. As a matter...

    Fortnite Update has a returning Favorite Weapon

    Fortnite has always been updating the number of weapons available in the game since launch. One of the weapons added that instantly turned into...

    Mobile : Fortnite for Android might be a Timed Exclusive for the Galaxy Note 9. Could be launched by 23 September.

    Rejoice Android fans! Epic Games have set a release date for Fortnite Android, which falls on Summer 2018 (by September 23). There is also a rumour...

    Mobile : Evoland 2 What in the... whaaaaaaaaaaaat??!! - Zozi Yeap, that was our editor's response when we first expose him to Evoland and Evoland 2. Never did...

    Mobile : “Hello Neighbour” creeping into iOS and Android   Hide yourself!! Your creepy neighbour is out to get you! Developed by Dynamic Pixels, this game has finally hit the Android and iOS store! So, what is...


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